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  1. I cannot think of words to express what I have witnessed. This is the most comprehensive methods for vanishing the Fantasio Plastic Vanishing Cane every invented. He has taken all the knowledge from books over the years, that expressed an idea or method and made them practical reality that actually works in the real world performing situations, by using his problem solving and creative mind to meld ideas from Tommy Wonder, Fantasio, Richard Ross and others to actually work for every magician. Not only has he figured out the Reel Vanishing Cane, but also how to do in a regular suit jacket, a vest only, and even just a long sleeve shirt. He has figured out methods that work just about for every situation a performer of today desires in dress choices. He even improved on Richard Ross idea, which uses no body attachment at all. What you will receive is a kit, allowing you to set up the vanishing cane any of the ways described in the instructional DVD. Some methods require some sewing, but if you have ever sewn on a button or repaired a hole your socks, then you have the skills to set up the version you desire. Why, because every human is different in body build and height. The method you chose will should be customized to yourself. Probably the best feature is Bojan has made the vanish so that after the vanish, nothing get in the way for the rest of your act. This is what always was a problem with the original ideas by the original creators. The now what factor, I would do the trick, and am stuck with this thing pulling or worrying that something might drop down or out and make me look foolish. Bojan Barisic has thought of every possible solution to every situation. I would call him a Genius. Fantastic! And he is willing to share it with the magic community. I have to state this is revolutionary in the field of stage magic! Bill Hegbli Fort Wayne, IN USA
  1. The BB Vanshing Cane is the kind of effect that makes an audience gasp and which establishes you as a Magician with a capital M. It's the kind of effect that would add a facet to a "good magic act" that would raise it to the level of "a great magic act"! If you could _really_ make a cane vanish or change into something else, it would look just like this! It's hard to choose a favorite effect from the many that the BB Vanishing Cane makes possible. They ALL look GREAT. I can't choose just one favorite--but if I can choose two they would be: Cane to Confetti Cane to Card Fan Okay, I can't limit my favorites to just two! The cane to silk where the silk is free to use for another trick is great. The complete vanish of the cane is GREAT! They're all great! Like I said when I first saw the video of Bojan's Vanishing Cane--It's something that would have been perfect for Cardini's act! Or anyone's act for that matter! And I bet that there are magicians reading this who will come up with even more startling applications of the BB Vanishing Cane! ----- Amado "Sonny" Narvaez