"I saw your effects on YouTube.
You are a genius!
Hope to meet you somewhere."

Ricardo Fantasio
Thanks for visiting my site where you can find some of my own creations. They have been featured worldwide by most recognized professional magicians. I keep them exclusive and they are produced in a very limited edition. If you are interested in any of my ideas please contact me directly. Make sure to check site regularly since more products will be added soon.
"Bojan is one of the most creative magicians in East Europe. The legendary Fantasio has endorsed many of his creations - remember his name, you will hear more about him in the coming years"
Michael Vincent

"Very Visual Bojan ! These creations are so clean ! This is the kind of magic that I like !"
Cyril Harvey

Wow that looks fantastic !
Sean David Bogunia

OK. I'm rubbing my eyes. Marvelous!!
Paula Paul

Bojan, I am speechless ! THAT WAS M A G I C !
Dick Oslund

The BB Vanshing Cane is the kind of effect that makes an audience gasp and which establishes you as a Magician with a capital M. It's the kind of effect that would add a facet to a "good magic act" that would raise it to the level of "a great magic act"!
Amado "Sonny" Narvaez

Bojan Barisic, magic

Visual Magic that you will enjoy to perform